Game Animators

Isabelle Neuman

Zakarias Henriksson


​​Game Programmers

Anton Månsson
Fabian Haglund

Kristoffer Franzon

Pontus Jonsson

Viktor Jacklin

Game Artists

Christoffer Börjesson
Jack Forsberg

Kamil Haddad

Leon Miksec

​​Techical Artists

Carolina Persson

David Bond

Gabriel Lindstedt

Level Designers

Agnes Hagström

Emma Thorsander


Spite: Coldheart

Spite: Coldheart is a hack 'n' slash game based on "Diablo III". You play as an ancient ice demon. Use your powers to fight blood cursed creatures and defeat the demon who has infested the town.

  • Genre: Hack 'n' Slash

  • Developed in 10 weeks part-time

  • Game Engine: Thin Ice

My Contributions
  • Level Design

  • Visual Scripting

  • Game Design

  • Enemy Waves

  • Play Test

  • Story

  • Thin Ice, custom made game engine

  • Thin Ice Visual Script, custom made script system

  • Unity, used as level editor

  • Linkedin - Vit Circle
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