Game Animators

Isabelle Neuman

Max Larsson


Game Artists

Kevin Lundmark

Leon Miksec

Simon Eimersson

Level Designers

Emil Petersson

Emma Thorsander

Josefin Matsson

​​Game Programmers

Hannes Rehnström

Hjalmar Danielsson

Olle Lannér

Rémi Mrozek

Sam Stålhandske

Skinner's Cage

Skinner's Cage is a platform game based on "The End Is Nigh"You play as a lab mouse, trying to find your way out of a sadistic experiment. 

  • Genre: 2D Platformer

  • Developed in 8 weeks part-time

  • Game Engine: TGA2D

My Contributions
  • Level Design Tutorial 

  • Level Design, mainly act 1

  • Game Design

  • Play Test

  • Interview

  • Story

  • TGA2D

  • Tiled

  • Json

  • Linkedin - Vit Circle
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