Gaslight is a first-person shooter game inspired by

"Wolfenstein The New Colossus".

You play as a patient who gets the help of a mysterious ghost, to try to escape from a military care.

  • Genre: First Person Shooter

  • Developed in 10 weeks part-time

  • Game Engine: Thin Ice

My Contributions
  • Level Design

  • Visual Scripting

  • Game Design

  • Play Test


Game Animators

Isabelle Neuman

Zakarias Henriksson


​​Game Programmers

Anton Månsson

Kristoffer Franzon

Pontus Jonsson

Viktor Jacklin

Game Artists

Christoffer Börjesson
Jack Forsberg

Kamil Haddad

Leon Miksec

​​Techical Artists

David Bond

Gabriel Lindstedt

Level Designers

Agnes Hagström

Emma Thorsander


  • Thin Ice, custom made game engine

  • Thin Ice Visual Script, custom made script system

  • Unity, used as level editor

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