Game Animators

Alfons Sahlberg

Ivar Roxner Kinny

Game Artists

Leon Miksec

Robert Pettersson

Simon Martinsson

Level Designers

Emma Thorsander

Karl Thörnblom

​​Game Programmers

Andreas Winther Sorman

Daniel Vindhjärta

Erik Wapner

Goran Taha

Sam Stålhandske

Beer And Loving In Transylvania

Beer and Loving in Transylvania is a point and click game, inspired by the comically absurd adventure games of the 90’s. You play as a vampire fetishist who gets a tinder match with Vlad.

  • Genre: Point and Click

  • Developed in 8 weeks part-time

  • Game Engine: Löve

My Contributions
  • Puzzle Design

  • Story

  • Dialogue

  • Play Test

  • Löve

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