Third Person Adventure

All alone, the player explores a dystopian sci-fi building.

Drawn into the center the player experiences the brutal atmosphere.

First Person Shooter

The level takes place in post-apocalyptic Manchester. Large sandstorms have swept across Europe. The goal is to get into the base that controls the water supply.


2D Platformer

Skinner's Cage is a platform game based on "The End Is Nigh"You play as a lab mouse, trying to find your way out of a sadistic experiment. 

Point and Click

Beer and Loving in Transylvania is a point and click game, inspired by the comically absurd adventure games of the 90’s. You play as a vampire fetishist who gets a tinder match with Vlad.

 Hack 'n' Slash

Spite: Coldheart is a hack 'n' slash game based on "Diablo III". You play as an ancient ice demon. Use your powers to fight blood cursed creatures and defeat the demon who has infested the town.

First Person Shooter

Gaslight is a first-person shooter game inspired by

"Wolfenstein The New Colossus".

You play as a patient who gets the help of a mysterious ghost, to try to escape from a military care.

Space Shooter

As a lone survivor, you receive a distress call and must maneuver and fight your way through hostile space in search of the source.


Night Shift Ultraforce is a shoot 'em up game. You play as a cop, it's your last day on duty when your colleague turns her back on you. All alone you fight the city's widespread crime.


Aümi is a adventure game based on "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap". You play a small plant creature who needs to rescue its friends from a mean gang. 



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